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Roleplaying Games - Current and Past

Currently Running Games

  • Lake Harmony - A preternatural RPG set in modern times shortly after the official coming-out of the vampiric population and their attempts to establish themselves as a legitimate portion of society.
  • Hidden Glories - A world where adventure has fallen under the command of the Empire, and Imperial policies keep power in the hands of the rich.
  • The End Times - A world where nature is turning on itself, and werewolves are trying to survive the mess that ensues.
  • Arcydea - A world thousands of years old that has seen most of the worst the multiverses can throw at it.
  • World's End - A town that claims to be in World's End, Missouri, where people seem to wander in all the time…
  • Fortune and Glories - An offline campaign in which the characters start their heroic days as simple commoners with a taste for adventure.
  • The Tattered Realm: 80s kitsch meets paranormal conflict in the pre-Internet days.
  • It Sleeps Beneath: Subway networks act as ley lines containing supernatural evils.
  • The Crystal Frontier: Wild-West colonialism in a fantasy world.
  • Eiswhile: An heir to nobility and his friends seek their place in the world.

Games in Development

These are game ideas being actively worked on, but not yet ready for prime time.

  • Legends of Kyrael: A world where Pokemon are tools of warfare, not mere children's toys.
  • Splitbit: An entirely Virtual world brings its own challenges and opportunities.
  • Wyrd West: The fantastic frontier country, where wild west frontier meets fantasy gaming.

Planned Future Games

These are game ideas that may be visited or revisited at a later point.

  • Eternal Night: Set in modern times in the fictional town of Berkshire, Massachusetts as conflicts between vampires and humans reach a violent boiling point.
  • Chicago By Gaslight: 30s era gangland Chicago with light supernatural elements.
  • Unsung Heroes: WWII POW camp seeking saboteurs to help with French resistance operations.
  • Guardians of Humanity: Post-modern paranormalism and lots of guns.
  • Broken Kingdoms: Theocratic empire seeks volunteers for colonial expansion.
  • Star Command: A ruthlessly optimistic voyage into the stars - for Science!
  • Wings of Fate: Airship to airship warfare to bring down a corrupt empire.
  • The Rapture Project: A post-futuristic apocalypse-in-progress during which society is slowly collapsing.
  • The Cyberstates of America: Futuristic non-FTL cyber-noir world of infinite potential, both good and bad.
  • Weird War III: Metahuman/paranormal warfare in a slightly futuristic world.
  • Etherics: The new science of unlimited wireless energy changes history - and the afterlife.
  • Catgirls with Katanas: They're catgirls. They have katanas. They fight crime.
  • PI Platter: Modern detective work, sometimes for the police, sometimes for justice.
  • The Wisdom Keepers: Low-fantasy world in which MIB-style information control keeps the big things under wraps.
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Modern era urban spec-ops warfare, hard or soft reality.
  • Paladin Force: Action heroes taking on organized crime in over-the-top action hijinks.
  • Neverwere: Stealthy infiltrators on secret world espionage business.
  • School of Hard Knocks: Rough and tumble martial arts brawling in the city.
  • The Gray Sun Cipher: Mathematical patterns connect alternate worlds and raise havoc.
  • Bio-Ops: Vatgrown mindsleeved specialists designed for special assignments.
  • The Artificials Liberation Front: Equal rights for created intelligences!
  • Zero Law Rebellion: Androids on the run from those who would control them.
  • Grit and Ink: Superpowers, gritty reality, and the people who have to survive without powers.
  • American Heroes: Superheroes for Uncle Sam, and how that changes the timeline.
  • Magical Girls with Guns: Take your typical cheerful magical girls and teach them action-movie combat skills.
  • The University: A university environment with enough bizarre activity to break an EKG meter, a Scouter, and a mundane worldview in seconds.
  • Crimson Star: A team of futuristic cyber-enhanced operatives fight on land, sea, air, underwater, and space to defend their country from economic disaster.

Old Games Archives

  • Into the Black: A Firefly campaign with several ship crews who work together to make a profit.

Game Resources

For ideas I just can't quite put down or that I use across multiple worlds.

  • Leupaks: The mutant lizards your mother should have warned you about.
  • Universal Data Transfer: In the future, USB specifications will still be obnoxious.
  • Datatabs: A bit of standardization for data management in futuristic campaigns.
  • Powercells: Likewise, standardization for futuristic battery systems.
  • Virtuals and Cyberspace: In the future, computing will make gaming awesome.
  • Future Weapons: In the future, people will invent new ways to kill each other.
  • Future Armor: In the future, people will also invent new ways to keep from being killed.
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