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Roleplaying Games - Current and Past

Currently Running Games

  • Lake Harmony - A preternatural RPG set in modern times shortly after the official coming-out of the vampiric population and their attempts to establish themselves as a legitimate portion of society.
  • Hidden Glories - A world where adventure has fallen under the command of the Empire, and Imperial policies keep power in the hands of the rich.
  • The End Times - A world where nature is turning on itself, and werewolves are trying to survive the mess that ensues.
  • Arcydea - A world thousands of years old that has seen most of the worst the multiverses can throw at it.
  • World's End - A town that claims to be in World's End, Missouri, where people seem to wander in all the time…
  • Fortune and Glories - An offline campaign in which the characters start their heroic days as simple commoners with a taste for adventure.
  • The Tattered Realm: 80s kitsch meets paranormal conflict in the pre-Internet days.
  • It Sleeps Beneath: Subway networks act as ley lines containing supernatural evils.
  • The Crystal Frontier: Wild-West colonialism in a fantasy world.
  • Eiswhile: An heir to nobility and his friends seek their place in the world.
  • Phoenix Rising: A modern-fantasy world where sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology, and chemistry and genetics are vastly improved through understanding of alchemy.

Games in Development

These are game ideas being actively worked on, but not yet ready for prime time.

  • Legends of Kyrael: A world where Pokemon are tools of warfare, not mere children's toys.
  • Splitbit: An entirely Virtual world brings its own challenges and opportunities.
  • Wyrd West: The fantastic frontier country, where wild west frontier meets fantasy gaming.

Planned Future Games

These are game ideas that may be visited or revisited at a later point.

  • Eternal Night: Set in modern times in the fictional town of Berkshire, Massachusetts as conflicts between vampires and humans reach a violent boiling point.
  • Chicago By Gaslight: 30s era gangland Chicago with light supernatural elements.
  • Unsung Heroes: WWII POW camp seeking saboteurs to help with French resistance operations.
  • Guardians of Humanity: Post-modern paranormalism and lots of guns.
  • Broken Kingdoms: Theocratic empire seeks volunteers for colonial expansion.
  • Star Command: A ruthlessly optimistic voyage into the stars - for Science!
  • Wings of Fate: Airship to airship warfare to bring down a corrupt empire.
  • The Rapture Project: A post-futuristic apocalypse-in-progress during which society is slowly collapsing.
  • The Cyberstates of America: Futuristic non-FTL cyber-noir world of infinite potential, both good and bad.
  • Weird War III: Metahuman/paranormal warfare in a slightly futuristic world.
  • Etherics: The new science of unlimited wireless energy changes history - and the afterlife.
  • Catgirls with Katanas: They're catgirls. They have katanas. They fight crime.
  • PI Platter: Modern detective work, sometimes for the police, sometimes for justice.
  • The Wisdom Keepers: Low-fantasy world in which MIB-style information control keeps the big things under wraps.
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Modern era urban spec-ops warfare, hard or soft reality.
  • Paladin Force: Action heroes taking on organized crime in over-the-top action hijinks.
  • Neverwere: Stealthy infiltrators on secret world espionage business.
  • School of Hard Knocks: Rough and tumble martial arts brawling in the city.
  • The Gray Sun Cipher: Mathematical patterns connect alternate worlds and raise havoc.
  • Bio-Ops: Vatgrown mindsleeved specialists designed for special assignments.
  • The Artificials Liberation Front: Equal rights for created intelligences!
  • Zero Law Rebellion: Androids on the run from those who would control them.
  • Grit and Ink: Superpowers, gritty reality, and the people who have to survive without powers.
  • American Heroes: Superheroes for Uncle Sam, and how that changes the timeline.
  • Magical Girls with Guns: Take your typical cheerful magical girls and teach them action-movie combat skills.
  • The University: A university environment with enough bizarre activity to break an EKG meter, a Scouter, and a mundane worldview in seconds.
  • Crimson Star: A team of futuristic cyber-enhanced operatives fight on land, sea, air, underwater, and space to defend their country from economic disaster.

Old Games Archives

  • Into the Black: A Firefly campaign with several ship crews who work together to make a profit.

Game Resources

For ideas I just can't quite put down or that I use across multiple worlds.

  • Leupaks: The mutant lizards your mother should have warned you about.
  • Universal Data Transfer: In the future, USB specifications will still be obnoxious.
  • Datatabs: A bit of standardization for data management in futuristic campaigns.
  • Powercells: Likewise, standardization for futuristic battery systems.
  • Virtuals and Cyberspace: In the future, computing will make gaming awesome.
  • Future Weapons: In the future, people will invent new ways to kill each other.
  • Future Armor: In the future, people will also invent new ways to keep from being killed.
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