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The complications of a reality that is strictly Virtual – on the one hand, you can do nearly anything with the right access, and anyone can be a hacker with the right skills and weapons. On the other hand, there's always a bigger fish…

Plot Outline

You are an anonymous member of the organization known as Splitbit, responsible for hunting down and destroying viral infections that exist in the dark recesses of cyberspace. Over the course of the game, you work your way up the ranks, deal with all sorts of problems, and try to keep yourself alive. There is a shadowy enemy who is trying to bring down targets for its own unknown agenda. Over time, you find that they are targeting companies and essential services in order to profit from their collapse. The shadowy enemy is a team of five major corporations that each have a plan to build a new Internet under its own authority and control.

Yeah, it's an old plot, whatcha gonna do.

Splitbit Ranks

Guest: A casual user or browser who generally is incapable of interacting except in limited, managed ways.

User: A normal user who is usually not a direct threat, although combat Virtuals may make them more dangerous than normal.

Operator: A user with advanced privileges, able to manipulate some aspects of the system.

Administrator: A user with supervisory privileges, capable of changing the system to suit them.

Root: A user that can change any aspect of the system at will.

Virus Slaying

The various viruses that roam Splitbit are visualized as monsters, seeking to break into and steal important data, rob citizens, pilfer and destroy all that gets in their way. As a Splitbit Virologist, your job is to remove infections from the Net, and capture new specimens found in the field for study.

Viruses often drop cards when defeated; these cards are additional datapackets that the Inoculation Center uses to develop their knowledge, for the good of all and especially for you. Many common viruses already have Vaccines produced that the player can equip.

Darklord Virus: Signature 0E546A. 50 Packets to lvl 1, 100 Packets to lvl 2, 200 Packets to lvl 3, 500 Packets to lvl 4, 1000 Packets to lvl 5.

PvP Combat

You will also encounter other people while journeying, especially if you are entering their territory without permission. Defeating them disconnects them from the service; they may also choose to disconnect rather than continue facing you.

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