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Werewolves are the next big group of supernaturals by population in our world. They tend to be organized in packs, with larger councils being held for issues that affect a region or area. They are generally better organized than vampires in America, but also much more reclusive. A large pack of werewolves, led by an alpha named Marcus, can be found on Lake Harmony's wooded shores. Lycanthropy has been less studied than vampirism at this point,but is also suspected to have a viral contagion that is spread through bite. Though it may manifest differently in some, most werewolves–

  • have a wolf form
  • change (often uncontrollably) with the full moon phase
  • have heightened senses, particularly smell
  • stronger and faster than humans
  • have some wolf-like qualities even as a human
  • have an affinity for the natural world
  • may change at other times, once they learn to control their wolf form
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