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Vampires are currently a subject of study in this world. Science is starting to suspect that vampirism is in fact a viral contagion they are tentatively calling the Sanguinia Virus. Some vampire clans exist in the old world, but in America while vampires can be territorial, there's no vampire overlord running the country. Clans don't give you any special abilities or vampire differences (sorry, not VtM based :). Depending on how vampirism manifests in your particular vampire, he or she may have variances. But most vampires in this world–

  • drink blood
  • have severe sunlight allergy
  • have heightened senses
  • have no heartbeat or need for respiration
  • are long lived, with the aging process significantly slowed if present at all.
  • have elongated canine fangs (upper and lower)
  • have increased speed and strength
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