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These supporting characters are not regularly played unless needed; some are villainous or oppositional, others are workers, employees, or casual acquaintances that are not played often enough to deserve listing as a PC yet.


Jeeves - Damien's butler.

Jessie - Employee of Vincent Valentine, works as a driver and courier.

Elaine - Manager at the Requiem. Graceful, pale-skinned, often seen sitting at the corner booth - a very visible white-backed leather booth with red striping.

Gresk - Security Guard at the Requiem. 9 foot tall, orange, with very tiny scales. Usually wears a well-tailored suit that covers most of his body.

Samantha Bryes - Manager of Fading Mist cafe. Also the human girlfriend of Dane.


Maggie McCaine - Kayla's younger sister.

Chris McCaine - Kayla's older brother.

Joey McCaine - Kayla's older sister.


Kelly Watson - 6 ABC News correspondent, looking for her next big story.

Bernie Campbell - 6 ABC News cameraman for Kelly Watson. Missing in action.


Jim, Clark, Buck, Ralph - Humans First Members. Buck owns Big Buck's Hunting Club where they meet to make plans.

Stampy, Bartholomew, Frank, and Lenny - A friendly foursome that has been seen in the area, driving a very dark red van.

“Mr. Johnson” - Has his meals paid for at the Winchester by Lestrade Financial. The last person publicly seen with Tanya before her unfortunate defanging in the woods, was incapacitated and intoxicated when leaving.

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