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Locations in Lake Harmony

Where the Hell is Lake Harmony?

Technically, there is no such place as Lake Harmony, Iowa, in the real world. (There is a Lake Harmony, PA, which this is not.) The closest real-world approximation of its physical location would be Independence in Buchanan County, and would be closest to Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Davenport. Differences include more established woodfront properties along the northern and western edges, and taking up more real estate with similar population densities. It would remain the county seat of Buchanan County, but would have a slightly greater impact on local politics as a result.

Businesses and Destinations

Local places to hang out and explore. Characters may own or work at businesses. These are the businesses included so far:

Captain Donut

A fictional national chain with a mascot called Captain Boston O'Cream. They have a law enforcement theme, with donuts such as Lt. Lemon, Sgt. Strawberry Jelly, and a bag of day olds called One Day From Retirement.

Big Y Supercenter

The Big Y is what Big Y supermarkets calls their super center. It sells groceries, household goods, clothing, toys and so forth.

Harmony Village Mall

A shopping mall with a food court, chain stores, and so forth. A popular hangout after school for teens, and in the mornings for senior walkers.


A diner that is a popular hangout for humans and supernatural folks alike. Known for their tongue in cheek dinner special names, friendly staff, and live music nights.

The Requiem

Popular among the supernatural set, Goths, and edgy humans. Widely known to be neutral ground, as enforced by its owner (known only as E) and his staff.

Our Lady of Sorrows

A formerly abandoned Catholic church is still holy ground because of the consecration of its cemetery. Father Bill lives here and offers sanctuary to those who seek it. The church itself is undergoing repairs.

Harmony School District

Elementary, middle school, high school, and community college can all be found here.

Fading Mist

A photography store founded by the Asher family that was inherited by Dane at the age of 13. Dane has since purchased a neighboring building so that he can split his interests between a photography store and a small bakery and cafe.

Small Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness: Companion Animal Care is a small, newly opened veterinary clinic run by Doctor Abigail Shannon. Painted in bright colors and with large front windows the decor is made to be welcoming and cheerful. Though the clinic is capable of caring for most animals that could come through the door, it's specialty is exotics and large animals. The clinic also offers aid to local rescues and travels to nearby farms for home visits.

The Red Anvil

The Red Anvil Blacksmith Shop: This old fire station was saved from the bulldozer by master blacksmith Aodh Gow who purchased it with gold. It has since been restored to good condition and retrofitted into a spacious smithy with an apartment on the ground floor where Aodh lives and extra rooms upstairs that can be used for additional apartments or for other purposes. The Red Anvil is run by Aodh along with his friend and apprentice Brynn Wenzel.

Aodh has put out ads to rent out the apartments which feature central air and heat along with other amenities and an option of being furnished or unfurnished. The Red Anvil also prides itself on it's use of sustainable clean energy and the ability to power itself with fire, air and the sun. In fact the forge itself is capable of producing power for the building.

The Outskirts

Located on the edges of Lake Harmony, nature continues to encroach.

The Lake and River

Lake Harmony is named for the lake it is adjacent to, which has a river that flows into it from the northeast before trickling southward as a much smaller stream. Some small cabins and docks dot the shoreline.

The Woods

Lake Harmony's northwestern and western fringe is covered by heavy treelines, managed by a local logging company operating under sustainable harvesting practices. There are rumors that the full moon brings out the frolic in these woods, as all manner of creatures may be heard rustling in the night.

Other Local Information of Importance

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