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Days of Downtime Accumulated:

  • Herbert group: 4 days out and returned. Herbert is showing his mother around and taking care of business while the others are out.
  • Sierra group: ? days
  • Clara group: ? days

When the party is split or otherwise away from home, this keeps track of how long individual groups have been gone – this helps determine what gets done by the time they get back. For example, if group A leaves for a total of five days and group B for a total of 10, group A will return to find five days of work has been done in their absence, and can spend five days in town doing their own thing while waiting for group B to return.

Gellen's Advice

Gellen of Blackfeet is the advisor to Herbert Malone, and is organizing his finances and opportunities. As such, he will make notes on the various tasks available, and will manage the manor's budget.


  • Tresendar Manor Staff Upkeep: Gellen and Yeemik each take 2 gp for their skills in management. The other 19 each receive a stipend of 2 sp per day. This costs a total of 78 sp per day.
  • External Staff: Gellen is looking to hire a stonemason to assist in manor reconstruction and underground improvement, as well as ten laborers, for a total cost of 4 gp per day when they are working. (This will start in a few days.)
  • Tresendar Manor Earnings: 32 cp per day average from Messenger Service.
  • Blackfeet Debt: 36 sp. 50% of earnings pay off this debt.
  • Profit/Loss: The Manor currently spends roughly 76 sp per day on expenses.
  • CP: 1300
  • SP: 700
  • EP: 400
  • GP: 300
  • PP: 0

Development Opportunities

  • Gellen notes that a local taphouse called the Sleeping Giant that was formerly popular among the Redbrands is now hurting badly for business. If they're willing to sell before the town population booms with miners and others in search of cheap drinks, it might be a huge opportunity.
  • The aboveground sections of Tresendar Manor need to be reconstructed. There is plenty of stone to do the work with, and Gellen is looking to hire a crew to do the work. Depending on the extent of the construction, time and final costs will vary, but for now he at least wants to finish the kitchen so that their cellar door isn't the front door.
  • Herbert is considering building an aqueduct to ensure that Phandalin gets fresh clean water on a regular basis. This would be very helpful if the town expects to expand significantly, and would help to prevent disease and support a larger population. There are two good fresh water sources in the area, one in Wave Echo Cave, and the other in Blackfeet Spring; both are not terribly far from Phandalin.
    • Wave Echo Cave could use a water flow to transport goods as well as to power machinery, but accessing it may take more work unless there is a way to increase the water flow.
    • Blackfeet Spring (not its formal name) has a water flow that collects in pools and is already elevated; it might be easier to build up collection pools here.
    • In order to make proper use of the water system for irrigation, sanitation, and plumbing, once Phandalin has a clean water supply, would require serious work from a mechanic to create a sewer system without disrupting existing houses. However, this means that homes could be modified for sewer access and home plumbing.
  • The town of Phandalin needs a proper town guard. This is likely to cost at least two silver per day per guard to hire some unskilled bungs to do basic work; skilled guards would likely cost two gold per day, and professional soldiers would cost significantly more. Equipment costs would also be likely, if they are to be equipped with better equipment than merely clubs. Sildar has hired three soldiers from Avyl to provide assistance for a month; they cost a total of 6 gold per day if they are retained once the month is up. Phandalin also needs more of a legal system; currently, the townmaster handles disputes and assigns fines for minor infractions, but tends to refer larger problems to the larger cities.
  • Herbert would like to establish cultural improvements to the town. These are more expensive long-term plans, but are noted here for later development.
    • A school system, so locals can receive an education. This would be somewhat costly unless students paid to attend, but the educational benefits would result in more skilled hirelings for the town in time.
    • A history museum open to the public to develop culture and inform locals and visitors about the town and the area's extensive past. This may or may not be profitable, depending on how it is managed, but would definitely provide cultural and educational benefits.
    • A library open to the public to assist in public education and learning. This would also benefit the team, if its contents are extensive enough. Profit value would be practically nonexistent for the most part, but the town would benefit in other ways, particularly in education.

Line of Credit

The Lionshield Coster has accepted a set of trade goods from the group and is using it as a line of credit for the needs of Tresendar Manor.

Current Value: 56 gp

Goblin Messenger Service

The goblins living at Tresendar Manor are beginning to organize to have their wolfriders available to Phandalin as a messenger service. They currently have two wolves, and will probably want to acquire more, and possibly set up a kennel. Hunting will be impacted when the wolfriders are absent, but hopefully the payment for courier service will more than make up for it.


  • Two messenger goblins and two wolves.

Future Expenses:

  • More messenger uniforms. Janice, the town seamstress, has agreed to do the work for one gold apiece per goblin or wolf.

Profits: The PCs get 50% of profits to pay off loans, and 10% of the profits from the business venture thereafter. Current payment: 4 sp, 36 sp remaining on loan.

Earnings Notes:

Messengers routinely charge 1 cp per mile the message travels; this means a messenger would charge 4 sp (for forty miles) to deliver a message to Hightower from Phandalin, or 8 sp if instructed to get a reply. A normal human messenger walking at medium speed would travel 3 miles an hour and travel eight hours per day, and thus would take roughly two days to arrive at their destination. The wolves travel at 4 miles an hour; this gives goblins an advantage in delivery speed over foot messengers. Assuming the goblins remain actively working, they earn on average 32 cp per day (x2 for two messengers, /2 for no pay for the route back.)

Cragmaw Caravanserai

Lhupo and two acolytes lead the Viper Blade tribe of goblins, numbering nine men and four women, and are maintaining control over Cragmaw Castle now that the hobgoblins and bugbears have been removed.

After some thought, Sildar has suggested that if the Viper Blade tribe is being left in charge of the ruined castle, perhaps it might be rehabilitated into an inn or lodging house; this would give the Viper Blades a productive trade, although he cautions that there should probably be others working there as well if only to ensure that the goblins actually run a safe establishment. While no progress has been made towards this goal yet, the thought is an interesting one.


  • Proper repairs to the castle to make it more habitable. It would likely take 100 more man-days of work to upgrade this building to Poor quality; goblins are gradually working on this.
  • Proper clothing and training for goblin workers to manage an inn. The goblins need new clothing, at a cost of 8 gp, and someone with experience in running such a place, which would cost 2 gp per day.
  • Additional personnel for heavier physical labor / safekeeping, once the inn is serviceable. Hirelings just there to move large objects and maybe thump someone with a club if needs be would cost 2 sp per day; proper guards would cost 2 gp per day at least.


  • None, yet. The PCs get 50% of profits to pay off any loans made, and 10% of the profits from the business venture thereafter.

Earnings Notes:

Squalid inn stays would cost 7 cp per night, and equally squalid meals would cost 3 cp per day. This means a poor traveler would spend 1 sp per day to stay here; the building is currently not developed enough to offer better hospitality.

Wave Echo Mine

This mining claim was found by the Rockseekers, of which the party has rescued two of three - Gundren and Nundro, specifically (Theodren is dead, unfortunately). Gundren is organizing the mining expedition now that the cavern has been successfully cleared.

Potential Profits:

  • 10% of the mine's proceeds, once profitable.
  • The blast furnace is still mostly intact, and capable of being restored to working order. A mechanic will be required to do the work.
  • No miners are currently working the mine, but this will change soon.
  • The Forge of Spells is still semi-functional; it needs some adjustments to restore it to complete working order. This will require a skilled enchanter and a skilled diviner.

Tresendar Manor


There are currently 15 male members and 6 female members of the Blackfeet tribe of goblins.

  • Yeemik is the group's leader, and manages their day-to-day affairs and tasks.
  • Gellen is the group's trade representative, and is handling their financial affairs. He tends to handle matters Yeemik does not.
  • Droop is proving to be a talented gardener, and is considered proficient in the Nature skill.
  • Other goblins, if they prove to have notable skills or are trained in a particular class, will be mentioned here.
  • All goblins are currently armed with scimitars and shortbows, with 20 arrows each.
  • Breeq is currently training with Max, and may become a fighter, cleric, or paladin. He is a part-time worshipper of Mistress Mugabi, the goblin goddess of opportunity.
  • Voxka is working with Sierra; she seems to be interested in her swordfighting style and your general lady of war demeanor. She might become a bard, or a swashbuckling rogue, or a fighter who specializes in light-weapon fighting.
  • Deelkas is working with Herbert; he is looking to improve his lot and become a great champion of his people, and as such might become a fighter with the champion specialty, a barbarian, or perhaps a paladin.
  • Elyssa is working with the unusually named Isys, who shows an interest in the arts, but it's unclear how she might develop. She might become a sorceress, druid, wizard, warlock, or rogue as arcane trickster, depending on how her talents develop.
  • Kell is working on his tactical prowess, and as such is working with Degal, a goblin who wants to become a tactician and has started studying. He might become a fighter with tactical specialty like Kell, a bard with a focus on war, or a ranger who uses the landscape to his advantage.
  • [Elyssa, Sierra, Devon, Isys, and Voxka will go to Coneberry to seek out the banshee Agatha's guidance, and as an aside to see what the current state of Coneberry is.]
  • [Kell, Augur, Clara, Max, Degal, and Breeq will head to Thundertree through Hightower. Herbert, Deelkas, Dyonmarr, and Peridot will accompany them until their paths split, and head to Eiswhile to rendezvous with Herbert's mother.]

Greg, the nothic, lives within the Caverns below the manor. He tends to eat the dead bodies brought to him, and has a small nook in the crevasse below where he stores his valuables. He also has developed an unlikely friendship with Sierra, who brings him books to read and plays chess against him.

The goblins currently live in Poor conditions; this is enough to keep them as comfortable as one would expect, but isn't really the best standard of living. This costs 2 sp per day to maintain normally, but they are effectively receiving it from the Malone manor in exchange for services rendered.

The wolves of Malone live in a warren that has been established for their caretaking when they are not on business. Fluffy is Peri's wolf, and they are learning to work together when going on long expeditions. The others are named Biter and Fang, and work as messenger wolves.

Augur's giant spider, Kitten, has established a space in the upper region of the caverns where it rests between adventures. She also has strands of webbing that reach down along the floor in places where she might capture the occasional bit of vermin.

Rooms - Underground

The Cavern

This is a natural cavern with bridges that span a crevasse below. The crevasse is where Greg lives, chewing on bones or meat dropped in by the goblins. Greg is not particular about the source of the meat.


The cellar contains roughly 600 man-days of non-perishable food, as well as two barrels each containing 40 gallons of oil, and a cistern 10 feet wide and 15 feet long, designed to fill up to 8 feet deep full of fresh rainwater. (1 cubic foot is about 7.5 gallons; the cistern is 1200 cubic feet and therefore holds 9000 gallons of fresh water, should it matter.) The food supplies are enough to last the goblins roughly 40 days without hunting and gathering; however, they maintain enough food to survive without impacting this supply.

The Cellar also has a 250-gallon giant barrel (a tun, formerly used for holding large amounts of ale) with a tap in one end. It is manually filled with water that is heated by a flameskull trapped within an iron chest, and is used to produce hot water on demand.

Storage Room

This storeroom still has a couple of beds in it, in addition to some of the provisions accounted for in the cellar tally.


This crypt contains the earthly remains of four prior Tresendars - three male, one female. The one without a sarcophagus was a Tresendar family mage who died in Wave Echo Cave.


The cells contain no occupants at this time.


The armory contains weapon racks, and the party is storing the weapons found elsewhere that they are not personally using here.

  • Greataxes x 6
  • Spears x 17
  • Shortswords x 6
  • Longswords x 12
  • Longbows x 4
  • Quivers x 4 (20 arrows each)
  • Light Crossbows x 6
  • Quivers x 8 (20 bolts each)
  • Chainmail x 8
  • Shields x 8
  • Eight morningstars
  • Two greatswords
  • Axe-Biter's Axe (orcish greataxe, markings of the Many Arrows orc tribe)
  • King Grol's Axe (human made greataxe, well-made and serviceable but not unusual)
  • Black Spider's Letter (a letter of concession from the Black Spider)


The quarters contains four double-bunk beds which goblins sleep in when not on duty or out and about; the goblins keep their personal possessions with them when not resting.

Common Room

This area is used as a gathering and cooking area, and has a fire burning in it at most times. There is also a table with four chairs here.


This storeroom has various crates and various packing and shipping supplies left over from the Redbrands' control of the area.

A packed crate that has not been shipped out has thirty beaver pelts (rough trade value 2 gp each).


This is a functional alchemical laboratory with bookcases that contain various treatises on alchemy, as well as a few local texts. One in particular describes the Phandelver Pact that was responsible for the mining of Wave Echo Cave in days long past, and the magical forge made to manufacture magical arms and armor on the mining site.


This room has a large four poster bed, a desk and chair, and an unlocked treasure chest. It is not currently being used.

Exit Tunnel

The exit tunnel to the surface from the caverns has been reinforced with the addition of a basic 'garage door' style door made of wood sections operated by pulley with an internal locking mechanism and a few bells that ring as the door is opened or jostled. It probably won't keep out any determined invaders, but will deter things from just wandering in when closed and locked, and will probably be noisy enough that intruders will be detected. The goblins keep it closed but not locked when they are working outside, and lock it up for the night when not.

Rooms - 1st Floor


This room was once a kitchen, as noted by the places for preparing food, cooking fires, and cabinets for storage. The goblins are working to rebuild the walls around it so that the entrance to the manor cellar isn't quite so plainly visible.


The garden has a small variety of herbs and vegetables that the goblins are attempting to cultivate. Nothing usable has grown yet, but the initial results are encouraging.


Tile stonework tub: Elyssa is currently using this tub to do laundry in.

Fencework: The goblins have erected a simple fence around the manor lands, with an opening for the path the wagon takes to enter the property area. It doesn't have a gate yet, but the goblins seem to be industriously working to develop the patch of land they've been assigned to defend.

Party Wagon

22 man-days of rations remaining

Merchant's scale (exact weights of objects)

Healer's kit (10 uses)

Holds party inventory when not in use

Party Treasury

  • CP: 65
  • SP: 60
  • EP: 15
  • GP: 40
  • PP: 0


Vials of 'Elessandra' perfume (10 gp each, 2 vials)

five carnelians (10 gp)

two peridots (15 gp)

one pearl (100gp)

Cask of Dwarven Brandy (20 glasses; 1 glass = +1 HP; two glasses in an hour = Poisoned status)

Platinum ring [75 gp]

Tresendar Artifacts

Tresendar platinum signet ring [50 gp]

Tresendar platinum signet ring [75 gp]

Four skeletal remains (two noble men, one wizard man, one noble woman)

Mormesk Memorial

1100 cp, 160 sp, 50 ep, 3 diamonds worth 100 gp each, wooden pipe with platinum filigree (a gift from Alora Sunstrider, elven evoker). These are Mormesk's treasures, and are set aside to help fund a memorial to him and the others who died in the cavern.


Potion of Healing x 4 (heal 2d4 + 2 HP)

Potion of Vitality (removes all exhaustion, cures poison and diseases, maximize any Hit Die spent to recover HP within the next 24 hours)

Party Specific Possessions


Staff of Defense

Wand of Magic Missles: 7 charges, regains d6+1 charges per day. Roll a d20 if using the last charge; on a 1, the wand is destroyed. Casts magic missle spell (1 charge for 3 missles, 2 charges for 4 missles, 3 charges for 5 missles.)

Scroll of Charm Person

Scroll of Fireball


Boots of Striding and Springing: Move speed 30 feet, not reduced by encumbrance or armor, jumps are 3x farther.


Scroll of Silence

Scroll of Revivify

Lightbringer: +1 mace, can light up via command 'Sunrise' and shut off via command 'Sunset'. Inflicts 1d6 bonus radiant damage to undead when lit.


Helmet and Gauntlets (protect vs criticals to head/hands)


Helmet and Gauntlets (protect vs criticals to head/hands)

Dragonguard: +1 breastplate, offers advantage against breath weapon attacks by dragons.


Fine Quarterstaff (weighs 1 lb, stylized feathers, worth 10 gp)

Blackfeet Finances

The goblins have 12 sp in group earnings from their various local efforts.

Cragmaw Finances

The goblins here are not yet turning a profit.

Rough Locations of Important Places

  • Eiswhile: The baronial home of the Eiswhile family, who control the surrounding area within about twenty-five miles, including
  • Wyvern's Walk: A path that leads from Eiswhile north and eastwards, eventually ending in Vollen.
    • Blackfeet Spring: A natural cave with a freshwater spring, which the Blackfeet tribe used to occupy. Located roughly ten miles north and twenty miles east the Wyvern's Walk from Eiswhile.
    • Phandalin: The sleepy town the party is working to redevelop. Roughly 10 miles east past Blackfeet Spring.
      • Wave Echo Mine: The Rockseekers are seeking to re-open this mine now that it has been cleared out by the party. Roughly ten miles east of Phandalin.
      • Ironforge Mine: The second largest mine near Phandalin now that Wave Echo is reopening, and formerly responsible for producing much of the region's iron and lead. Owned by the Ironforge clan and worked by local miners. Roughly five miles south of Phandalin, down the Miner's Trail.
      • Lost Claim Hills: Surrounding Phandalin to the east and south, and extending eastwards south of Wyvern's Walk for roughly eighty miles; many abandoned mining claims (and active, but small mines) remain in the area.
      • Tresendar Manor: The party's current main base. Located one mile east of Phandalin's main area, but still feasibly within the town's limits.
    • Cragmaw Caravanserai: Formerly occupied by hostile goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. Roughly 25 miles east of Phandalin and five miles north into the forest known as the Blightwoods.
    • Wyvern's Watch: Former home of a number of wyverns before they were chased out years ago, rumored to have a hidden fortress somewhere in the vicinity. Roughly 20 miles east past Cragmaw, then twenty miles south off the Wyvern's Walk trail.
    • Owl's Roost: An old watchtower that used to watch over the Wyvern's Watch area and the surrounding hillsides, named for the number of owlbears in the general area. Located 25 miles past Cragmaw and ten miles south of the trail.
    • Coneberry: An abandoned village ruined by Venomfang 25 years ago. Located 40 miles past Cragmaw to the east.
    • Lionpride: A large town currently under control of the Lionshield Merchant's Guild, and focused on manufacturing trade goods. Located 60 miles past Coneberry.
    • Vollen: A small city formed along Marshall Lake, which is formed in a low section by the Hawthorne River that travels north and south. Located roughly 120 miles past Coneberry to the east.
  • High Road: This main road connects to the Wyvern's Walk at a point roughly ten miles north of Eiswhile, and then goes southwards and northwards on a slightly meandering path, eventually terminating at Avyl. The High Road was once well-paved, but sections have fallen into disrepair over the years.
    • Hightower: Still under Eiswhile jurisdiction, and the home of Merinthos; formerly named for the tall wizard's tower that dominated the landscape before Venomfang destroyed it. A port town with ocean traffic from the west. Located ten miles north from the intersection of Wyvern's Walk and High Road.
      • Thundertree: Formerly under Eiswhile jurisdiction, currently mostly destroyed and the presumed territory of Venomfang. Located twenty miles east of Hightower down a path known as Thornbramble Road, and formerly an entrance to the Blightwood.
    • Marven: A port city that is managed by the Albrek family along with the surrounding communities. Located 75 miles north of Hightower.
    • Avyl: A large port city and the capital of the Avylian Territory, where the lords of the land meet to discuss their affairs. Located 80 miles north of Marven. Also connects to the Evon Road to the east and the Scimitar Road to the north.
  • The Blightwood: A large forest area that is inhabited by a number of very hostile plants known as Blights. Reputed to be the home of a hidden elven enclave, but nobody knows if that's actually true. Exists to the north of Wyvern's Walk and to the west of the High Road, eventually terminating shortly after Marven. Several isolated small villages exist within the Blightwood, and many larger towns dot its perimeter. Some of these towns are indicated on the odd map the party found in Wave Echo Cave…

Other Useful Knowledge

Known Races

Aarakocra: Birdfolk that are most commonly seen in high mountain regions or particularly tall forests, but seldom interact with others. The Aarakocra of the Beastwood have a long-standing conflict with the Tabaxi.

Aasimar: These entities are supposedly the descendants of angelic beings and mortals. They are rumored to come to Avylian from other continents, or perhaps the heavens themselves.

Bugbear: These savage-looking hairy beasts are considered hostile by many, and tend to avoid habitation within civilized areas.

Dragonborn: These scaly creatures resemble dragons greatly, although they lack the wings of their forebears. They are known to inhabit the arid regions to the far south.

Dwarves: Dwarves are commonly found in the mountains and foothills of Avylian, as well as anywhere a need for stoneworking exists.

Elves: Known for their love of beauty, their incredibly long lives, and their talents. Many elves live in the northern forest known as the Faebridge, but others live in major cities or occasionally in smaller developments.

Genasi: Rumored to be the descendants of mortals and elementals, these beings carry the power of elemental fire, air, earth, or water in their blood. They are rarely seen in Avylian.

Gnomes: These diminutive tinkerers are valued as expert machinists, and as such usually work in major cities, seldom forming their own communities.

Goblins: Common in Avylian, but typically treated with hostility and suspicion and not usually seen outside of caves and forests.

Goliath: These mountain-dwelling giants eke out a quiet existence, and seldom visit Avylian, as they are often mistaken for ogres or giants.

Halfbreeds: A number of other halfbreeds exist, typically a cross between human or elven and another species. These are most common in civilized areas where interbreeding is likely to take place.

Halflings: These demihumans are found mostly in quiet villages where they can be left to their own devices. They are uncommon in Avylian otherwise.

Humans: The most populous race, everyone's second best friend, as it were. Many of the inhabitants of Avylian are human, but a diverse assortment of other races exist, mostly in civilized regions.

Hobgoblins: These savage warriors live up to the goblinoid ideal and tend to push around goblins as their smaller cousins; many are barbarians, raiders, or soldiers in a malevolent army.

Kenku: These wingless bird creatures live in the swamps of Avylian, and are rumored to exist elsewhere. They occasionally are seen in larger cities, but are sasociated with plagues and death in folklore.

Kobolds: These cute little lizards claim distant draconic descent, and tend to live underground away from conflicts with other races. They are very seldom seen aboveground in Avylian.

Lizardfolk: These strange lizard men and women are inscrutable by most normal standards, coldblooded and sinister in appearance. They inhabit the swamplands, jungles, and deserts of Avylian for the most part.

Orcs: Orcs are traditionally known for taking what they want by force, and for respecting only those whose strength matches or exceeds their own. This makes them unlikely to engage in trade, although some examples of orcish merchants and scholars do exist.

Tabaxi: These catfolk hail from the southern forests known as the Beastwood, and are not typically seen outside of it unless wandering on their own.

Tieflings: These entities are supposedly the descendants of demonic beings and mortals. They are seldom trusted and usually find themselves shunned by 'goodly' folk.

Tortle: These nomadic humanoid turtle-like creatures find themselves the subject of great curiosity, and are known to inhabit coastal regions, swamps, deserts, and other natural areas.

Wanderkin: These magically inclined pointy-eared demihumans tend to wander, and as such have as much chance of being found in an isolated redoubt as in the most populated cities.

Yuan-ti Purebloods: These serpentine individuals resemble humans but their fangs, snakelike eyes and forked tongues may give them away. They are known to possess psychic powers, and are strictly carnivorous.

Known Deities


Mistress Mugabi: Worshipped as the goddess of opportunity, she speaks to the faithful in dreams and portents.


Bast: Goddess of Max's tribe, known amongst some scholars as part of a larger pantheon.

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