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Web Games and Other Projects

This is where current, past, and possible future game projects reside.

  • Legend of the Green Leupak: A variation of an old door game known as Legend of the Red Dragon, with unique monsters and combat behavior, inventory, and other expansions. Currently offline.
  • Star Command 13: A concept I've been working on that admittedly borrows heavily from the various incarnations of Space Station 13, and as such, much of the notes here are directly culled from their wikis et al.
  • Splitbit: An idea for a hacking game similar to Uplink, Downlink, and various other games.
  • Phoenix Rising: In the aftermath of a terrible act of war, the island continent of Eio is a ruined wasteland. Survive the deadly Shroud and lead your people to rebuild society… or become one of its newest apex predators.
  • Legends of Kyrael: This is an attempt at a serious world that also utilizes Pokemon, as Kyrael is the backstory world of one of my chars.
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